1970 Christmas Message from WCFL

I saw this posted on the WCFL Facebook page (yes, there is one). It's from 1970 and voiced by the legendary disc jockey Art Roberts.

Listen to it here.

It's only 30 seconds long.

The 2013 Cubs Starting Rotation

I count seven starting pitchers on the Cubs roster heading into next season. Hopefully they can cobble together five that are good enough.

1. Matt Garza (age 29)
Career record 57-61, Last season 5-7, Best season 15-10 (2010)

2. Jeff Samardzija (age 27)
Career record 21-22, Last season 9-13, Best season (2012)

3. Travis Wood (age 25)
Career record 17-23, Last season 6-13, Best season 5-4 (2010)

4. Scott Baker (age 31)
Career record 63-48, Last season (injured), Best season 15-9 (2009)

5. Scott Feldman (age 29)
Career record 39-44, Last season 6-11, Best Season 17-8 (2009)

6. Carlos Villanueva (age 29)
Career record 33-35, Last season 6-6, Best Season 8-5 (2007)

and finally, just signed yesterday...

7. Edwin Jackson (age 29)
Career record 70-71, Last season 10-11, Best season 13-9 (2009)

It's obviously not exactly a World Series starting rotation (although three of them have pitched in the World Series--Garza, Jackson & Feldman), but it will be serviceable. They are all close to the peak of their careers age-wise, they have all experienced some success at the big league level, and they are all at least legitimate major league pitchers.

Although...Garza and Baker are coming off injuries, Feldman and Wood are coming off bad seasons, Villanueva and Samardzija are converted relievers, and Edwin Jackson is now on his eighth team.